Lovis Gaultier

The Art Of Wealth Creation

Known for not following where the path my lead, but rather going where there is no path and leaving a trail. Lovis is a genius, to visualise with the end in mind, and to see what others cannot see.

Mastering The Art Of “Deal Making” In Real Estate

An unparalleled sense for timing, and combining seller and investor, Lovis thrives in the result of wealth creation.


Persistence, Perseverance & Permanence

Her innate passion for people and insatiable diligence to conquer and break new ground, is what ignites and defines her Real Estate vocation

Excellence… Nothing Else

It is her clear compelling purpose, to consistently deliver whatever she undertakes to do that sets her in a league of her own, and has created priceless associations during the last 17 years.

With a singular focus on excellence, she senses and creates opportunities that result in win-win scenarios.

Diversity Is Her Key Driver Of Innovation

Michelle demonstrates that it is a critical component of being successful on a global scale. It is her diverse range of experience and perspective, that unlocks innovation and creates an environment for global Real Estate collaboration. She has recognised that collaboration is key for innovation, diversity, evolution in business ideas, and the development of the core of the enterprise.


Born With A Vision & Passion For Real Estate

His entrepreneurial spirit, winner’s temperament and unique approach sets him apart as one-of-kind in the Real Estate industry.

Thinking with the end in mind and playing the long game, his uncompromising principles and incomparable service are what separates him from the rest. He thrives with a win-win scenario.

Sharing a mantra to always deliver limitless service and continuous results, Wade’s circle in the Real Estate world is one of “compound interest”


Recalibrate The Experience Of Real Estate

Her love and passion for property are unsurpassed. Her uncompromising approach in excellence creates a scenario of “once experienced, never forgotten”.



It Seems Impossible Until It Is Done

Creating experiences and excellence, preparing the finest food & beverages for clients and celebrations, she doesn’t stop when she is tired, she stops when it is done.

Her calm and collective spirit fuels her task orientated mind.


One In A Million

Anyone who has collaborated with Tasmin is struck by her astonishing passion and unwavering determination to deliver excellence and be the absolute best she can be.

With Love & Passion You Can Conquer The World

She has an inherent ability to see into the heart of things, an amazing empathy that allows her to connect in a deep and meaningful way with every project she encounters.


The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

What may seem like a tall order for some is just run-of-the-mill for Annerette. She finds inspiration everywhere and strives relentlessly for perfection.

Only Perfection Is Good Enough

From a luxury brand marketing perspective, Annerette is a firm believer that REAL LUXURY forms confident positioning.

World-class design, unmatched quality, refined style, and timeless beauty inspired by tradition and modernity – these are the qualities, which when combined, capture her unique understanding and experience of creating luxury and desire.

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